Stacking Up

Bruce Sterling was an outspoken figure in the utopian, cyberlibertarian Internet debate back in 1996, believing that the Internet belonged to everyone and no one and that it was resistant to institutionalisation (1996). Fast forward twenty-eight years and its no surprise that Sterling has changed his views on the Internet, given the dramatic changes that […]

Girls On Film: A side of feminism with your popcorn

The representation of gender and sexuality in the media is often limited, problematic and/or stereotypical, with many of us left to question why we even bother tuning in. This is particularly poignant when it comes to popular films. Now don’t get me wrong, there is some excellent indie content being produced, but in terms of what’s […]

Advertising Suffering

#thedress Mere weeks ago #thedress was an online phenomenon; with countless people debating over whether the colour of it was black and blue, or white and gold. Frivolous and trivial, but apparently one of the hottest topics of week with an extremely receptive audience-exactly the kind of leverage you need when launching a public service […]

Being Your Self

The selfie and the vlog are two relatively new genres of media, and what each have in common besides them involving the taking of images of oneself, is their capability to question what one believes is their self. Saltz describes the selfie as not merely a picture, but multifaceted instant visual communication that depicts, “where […]

What Does It Mean To Be Human?

The ambiguity of the term the Internet of Things (IoT) is both intriguing and frightening. Put simply, IoT refers to the phenomenon of connecting physical objects to the Internet, and more complexly, these objects are becoming tangible social, meaning that they are connecting to the internet in ways only humans have previously (Mitew 2014). It’s […]